The Dark Triad of Leadership

The Dark Triad of Leadership

If you have ever encountered an arrogant, self-serving, manipulative leader who has made your life difficult, this article is for you. Three key personality traits define these toxic leaders: Narcissism (self-loving and arrogance); Psychopathy (an inability to feel empathy for others) and Machiavellianism (a desire to gain power and status by manipulating and using others). Together they are known as the ‘Dark Triad’ as they are known to predict severe consequences for organizations from fraud to creating toxic environments where your best workers leave you for saner pastures. Leaders with these traits feel nothing for employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders. They desire power, wealth and status above all else and are willing to lie, cheat, manipulate and steal to get what they feel they deserve. They believe rules are for suckers and you need to ‘play the game to win’ or you are just another pawn. Our instruments identify leaders who possess these traits and help you screen them out before they wreak havoc in your organization. Avoiding one leader with this Dark Triad is often worth more than the cost of using the reports for a year alone. If you have encountered a leader with these traits you understand how important it is to screen them out.

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