Measuring Your Organization’s Culture

A key component of the CounterpartMatch system is the careful measurement of organizational culture. If you want to find people who fit an organization’s culture, you had better be sure you are measuring it properly! Over a two-year period with over 1500 employees at over 400 companies, we developed a proprietary measure that captures 8 key dimensions of organizational culture. Our research indicates that these 8 components are how individuals think about or categorize companies when they try to describe them. With these 8 factors you can describe any company. Unlike some culture measures that oversimplify culture by placing your company in a ‘box’ and describing it with a single term, we keep the data in a form that reflects how people actually think about companies. Our 8 dimensions include: Dominance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Innovation, Traditional, Trendy, Pace, Prestige, and Friendliness. With highly reliable and accurate scales we can assess organizational culture with a high degree of validity.

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